Revenue Revolution


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User Experience, Design, Website Development

The Challenge

Redesign the platform allowing users to easily find the company or information they are looking for.

Working with

Gita Ramdhani


We redesigned key flows and experiences on the platform to help users quickly and easily locate the companies and information they were looking for, establishing effective funnels, and separating two key areas of the website - buying and trading.

Establishing one source of design truth

We reestablished the brand, to create a new style guide, with new typography and core colours designed to increase user confidence.


We took an agile approach, establishing a new development team focused around UX allowing us to easily create variations, test, refine, and then roll out the highest impact pages as quickly as possible, while lower priority supporting pages were rolled out over time.

We first focused on the product page, which is where the majority of their users land, using custom usability testing to validate the direction, testing several mockups optimising for ease of use, understanding, user confidence, trust and brand recall before developing the live pages and using Google Optimize to A/B test many variables on live users.

The design changes significantly improved the layout and richness of information provided, making it easier for users to understand, allowed companies to personalise their pages more, and led to increased user trust and confidence in the site.

User Engagement

We wanted to improve the bounce rate on product pages and to do so tried several layout changes and introduced interactive elements. The earnings calculator developed ended up significantly improving bounce rate as well as leading to more users being engaged and giving a higher average order value.

Check out

We next addressed checkout pages with an aim to make it easier and faster for users to pay and making the process as easy as possible. The layout was redesigned with account registration removed, and the addition of a fast address search leading to decreased checkout times and abandoned carts.


We moved links to trading pages from the homepage to the accounts page, as this was a secondary option with the vast majority of users using only buy pages, we improved the landing and supporting information pages, and made all supporting pages lead towards product pages, combined these changes massively increased the time users stayed on the website and the number of users that entered further into a sales funnel.

Our testing showed the majority of people now understood what the website offered in under 5 seconds, with dramatic increases on trust and confidence, as well as increased brand recall.

Combined changes led to a 400% increase in conversions and more than doubled the average order value.

We went on to reinvent many pieces of the platform including: